MD09X Wrist Multi-Parameters and Individual Parameter Patient Monitor

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MD09X wrist multi-parameters and individual parameter patient monitor.
The smart multi-parameters patient monitor with a small size can simultaneously measure the ECG, Heart rate, Respiration, Blood pressure, SpO2 and Pulse rate.
It can respectively measure the Blood pressure, SpO2 or the both.
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2.4 inch TFT color screen . Resolution: 320*240
Display waveform: 2 channels waveform of ECG, respiration, blood pressure and SpO2 can be both displayed
ECG: With the function of abnormal data store, daily data store and trend display
ECG Cable: 3 leads .10 Leads
NIBP: Manual measurement. Automatically identify the adult and child. System can adjust the maximal pressure for adult and child. The blood pressure waveform can be displayed in real-time
SpO2: Anti-low per-fusion and motion artifact
Trend display: Display the trend of ECG, blood pressure, SpO2, ST segments, premature and respiration in 96 hours
Alarm modes: Visible alarming reminder and speaking voice alarming reminder
Wireless: Bluetooth 4.0
E-Manual: Embedded e-manual for self reading
workable with smart devices (Android &iOS)

ECG waveform gain: 0.5 mm / mV,1.0 mm / mV, 2.0 mm / mV
Scanning speed : 7.5mm / s, 15mm / s
Heart rate and alarm range :
Adult: 30 bpm ~250 bpm (beats / min)
Precision of ECG: ±5%
Resolution: 1 bpm (Times/Minute)
Sensitivity: >200uV (Peak-to-Peak Value)
Trigger level threshold: 200nV (Lead II)
Resistance of differential input: >5MΩ
Common-mode rejection ratio : ≥ 90 dB
Electrode polarization voltage range: 300mV
Leakage current: <10uA
Input signal range: ±5mV
ECG abnormal types:Tachycardia, Bradycardia, VPC, Bigeminal rhythm, Trigeminal rhythm, RonT, VTAC, Escape Beat and Sinus arrest.
Alarm:The voice audible alarm and screen visual alarm display dual alarm, under review.
Heart rate alarm range: 30~250 bpm
Alarm Mute: Less than 10 seconds
Alarm sound pressure: 45 to 65 db
Frequency response :
Flter : 0.67 Hz ~ 40Hz
Guardianship : 0.05 Hz~40Hz
Detection: 0.05 Hz~100Hz
Calibration signal : 6 mm / mV
ST segment measurement:
Measured range: -2.0mV~+2.0mV
Precise: -0.8mV~+0.8mV; ±0.02mV or±10%
Renew period: 10s
Pacing pulse suppression :
Range: ± 2mV to 500Mv
Width: 0.1ms ~ 2ms
Rise time: 10us ~ 100 μs
Inhibition of the pacing pulse detector for fast ECG signal : 2.5V/s
Can inhibit the T-wave amplitude: > 5mV

Noninvasive blood pressure (NIBP)
Measurement: Oscillometric pressure when the blood pressure measurement.
Pressurized automatic calibration zero
Measuring range : 30mmHg~280mmHg
Measurement accuracy : ±5mmHgor ±5%
Maximum cuff pressure: Cuff pressure does not exceed 300 mmHg,
The cuff pressure at 15 mmHg or more time is not more than 3min.
Overvoltage protection: Yes
Alarm: Systolic / diastolic alarm error of ± 2 mmHg
Atrial premature function
Measuring wrist Week 135mm ~ 215mm

Oxygen saturation (SpO2)
Measuring range : 40% ~ 99%
Measurement accuracy: 90% ~ 99% Tolerance ± 2%
70% ~ 89% Tolerance ± 4%
40% ~ 69% Tolerance ± 6%
Alarm range : 50% ~ 99%

Pulse rate
Measuring range : 30 Beats / min ~ 80 Beats / min ± 2
80 Beats / min ~150 Beats / min ± 4
150 Beats / min ~240 Beats / min ,± 5
Measurement accuracy: ± 5%

Resist electric shock : CF type
Build-in : 3.7V 1000mh
Power adapter: 5V/1A 2W battery charger:
Power 2W
Type : Non-AP / APG type Do not prevent inlet device
Work environment:
Temperature: 5 ℃~40 ℃
Humidity: 15% ~80%
Atmospheric pressure: 80kPa ~105kPa
Storage environment:
Temperature : -20 ℃ ~55℃
Humidity : 10%~90%
Atmospheric pressure : 50.0 kPa ~106.0kPa

Size and Weight
Dimensions : 7cm (W) × 7cm (H) ×2.6cm (D) (does not include a wrist strap)
Net Weight : 130g
Gross Weight 0.5Kg


ECG Cable (3 Leads) …… 1Pcs
SpO2 probe (Soft tip) ….. 1Pcs
Power Adapter ………….. 1Pcs
Cleaning Cloth ……………. 1Pcs


ECG Cable (10 Leads)

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