Orthopromed 1101 Mini Cannulated Bone Drill


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Orthopromed 1101 Mini Cannulated Bone Drill


1.Perfect shape of ergonomic design and feel
comfortable to handle.

2.The handpiece is integrated design, and it
has good sealing.

3.The whole unit can be autoclavable.

4.Optimized weight distribution for balance
to enhance function and comfort.

5.Dual-trigger design. Single hand can operate

6.Cordless high-quality motors. Low loss, low
noise, low wear and longer service life.

7.The lithium battery is consistent and

8.The handpiece uses special material, and it
has good wear resistance and water resistance. Better than medical stainless

9.Center hole diameter 0-4mm. Precise
concentricity improves the accuracy of operations and makes the operations more

Mini Cannulated Bone Drill Specification & Standard Configuration

Mini Cannulated Bone DrillMini Cannulated Bone Drill

Mini Cannulated Bone DrillMini Cannulated Bone Drill


The handpiece guarantees for 1 year;

The battery and other fast consumption items guarantee
for 3 months.


1. Manufacturing & Trade combo for 12
years. We are professional in design, research, advanced technology,
manufacture and sale etc.

2. Quality assurance: CE; ISO13485; USA
FAMOUS BRAND and over 11 Worldwide National Patent Licenses, etc.

3. Customization and OEM available.
4. Export to many countries & areas,
like India, Turkey, Middle East, Africa, Russia, US, UK, France, Brazil etc.

5. Service & Support: 1 year warranty
& online 24/7 service.

6. Brand Assurance: Orthopromed is one of
the most famous orthopedic power tool brands all over the world.


1. Sterilize temperature 135-137°C.

2. After the operation, open the cover of the battery
compartment and take down the battery pack.

3. The battery of this product must not be disinfected
under the conditions of high temperature and high pressure, not be kept in the
machine for a long time.

4. No water in battery space after sterilization.

5. If you find the abnormal sound from the machine or the
overheating of the machine in use, please stop using, and contact the
manufacturer or distributor immediately, and the send the product back to the
manufacturer for repair.



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