BJ5101 Sagittal saw


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BJ5101 Sagittal saw


For application in cutting bone during joint surgery.
With the perfect shape of ergonomic design,whole unit is autoclavable,motor is imported,low noise, steadily and quickly cutting,no damage for soft tissue,long service life,be warranty for 2 years.A variety of different thickness or the length of the saw blade for your selection .Common length are 70mm,90mm and 100mm,common thickness are 0.8mm,1.0mm,1.2mm and 1.27mm,saw blade also can be customized according to your request.



Output power 250W
Speed(r.p.m) /
Oscillations (osc/min) 0-15000
Torque(Nm) /
Operation(V) voltage 12V
Sterilization 155°C
Swings (°) /
Noise(db) ≤75


BJ5101 Sagittal sawBJ5101 Sagittal saw

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