BJ5503B Cannulated drill

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BJ5503B Canulate drill


Holds K-wires or be used in intramedullary interlocking nail surgery or arthroscopic surgery
With the perfect shape of ergonomic design, whole unit is autoclavable, motor is imported, low noise, high speed, high proper alignment, long service life. The machine is warranty for 2 years.
Can connect various flexible reamer,reaming changing during the process of surgery is convenient and quick.



Output power 250W
Speed(r.p.m)  0-650(Default)/0-1000(Customized)
Oscillations (osc/min) /
Torque(Nm) 4.5
Operation(V) voltage 12
Sterilization 155°C
Swings (°)  /
Noise(db) ≤40

BJ5503B Cannulated drill
BJ5503B Cannulated drill

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