Veterinary Instruments Compression Bone Plating Kit 3.5/4.0mm


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Fantastic quality and very well packed! Excellent quality orthopedic implants/instruments is made of quality stainless steel. All the screws are self tapping-hex head.

This kit can be adjusted according to customer’s requirements. Instruments and implants included in this Compression Bone Plating Kit are listed below.

Drill bit 3.5 2 Qty
Drill bit 2.5 2 Qty
HB4.0 Tap Sleeve & 3.5 Drill Guide
HA3.5 Tap
HB4.0 Tap
Depth Gauge
Hex Head Screw Driver SW2.5
Screw Holding Sleeve
Screw Holding Forceps
Neutral & Loaded Drill Guide /2.5 HA3.5
HA3.5 Tap Sleeve & 2.5 Drill Guide
Plate Benders
Periosteal Elevator (Round Head)
Periosteal Elevator (Flat Head)
Pry Bar
Reduction Forceps with point
Reduction Forceps
Self-centering forceps 2 Qty
Broken Screw Exteriorizer
Countersink Drill
Case (with screw rack)
Compression Bone plates 3.5 mm 2 Qty
Cortical screws 3.5 mm 10 Qty
Cancelleous screws 4mm 10 Qty

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