Capnoxi Plus Capnography with CO2 Sensor

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Capnoxi® Plus Monitoring the patient’s respiratory status during CPR
Assists in determining when to intubate or extubate
Verification of ET tube placement Alerts if accidental extubation occurs
Verification of Ventilation during transport
Specialized date export function, help analyzing sleep condition

Monitoring SpO2, pulse rate, ETCO2 and respiratory rate;
Update 255 hour historical data replay on PC through USB
Equip Spo2 and Respiratory Status Analysis Software, comprehensive data analysis
Suitable for clinical and emergency circumstance
SpO2, SpO2+CO2 selectable

Software Function
Professional Data Analysis Software for CO2 Monitoring
Connecting the palm monitor to PC through USB
Storing Unlimited patients data
Displaying ETCO2,SPO2 Trends Table
Controlling PC printer, outputting trend graph, trend table report
Recording and storage object’s respiration details in clinical

TFT Screen
Type Colorful TFT LCD
Dimension 5.0 inch

Patient Alarm Indicator Two colors:Yellow and Red

Sound Indicator
Loudspeaker Play alarm voices

Power 12VDC power socket*1pc
USB MINI USB socket*1

Principle NDIR single beam optics, dual wavelength, no moving parts.
Sample Rate 50mL/min, ±10mL/min
Initialization Time In 5 seconds,display the CO2 scan wave

Range CO2
0~99 mmHg
0~13 % Respiratory Rate
2~150 bpm

Resolution CO2
0.1 mmHg 0 ~ 40 mmHg
0.25 mmHg 40 ~ 99 mmHg
Respiratory Rate
1 bpm

Precision CO2
0~40 mmHg ±2 mmHg
40 ~99 mmHg ±5% of reading
Respiratory Rate
±1 bpm
Apnea Alarm Time 10~60s

Measure Range
SpO2 0 – 100 %
Pulse rate 35 – 254 BPM

Measure Accuracy
SpO2 ±2% (70 – 100%)
Pulse rate :±2 or ±2 BPM

Quantity 4
Model Rechargeable lithium battery
Voltage 3.7 V
Capacity 2200mAh
Working time 10 hours
Recharging time 4 Hours


CO2 Sample Line ……… 1Pcs
Nasal Tube ……………… 1Pcs
Power Adapter ………….. 1Pcs
Water-trap Column ……… 1Pcs
Airway Adapter …………. 1Pcs

SpO2 Cable (Adult hard shell sensor)
SpO2 Cable (Adult Soft shell sensor)
SpO2 Cable (Neonatal soft sensor)
SpO2 Cable (Pediatric hard shell sensor)
SpO2 Cable (Pediatric Soft shell sensor)
SpO2 Cable (Child finger clip)
SpO2 Cable (multi-site Y type)
SpO2 External Cable

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