Veterinary Handheld Pulse Oximeter FOs2vet

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FOs2vet veterinary handheld pulse oximeter, color monitor with SPO2 wave and pulse histogram display. Alarm sets to detect low voltage and abnormal SPO2 and Pulse Rate.
Interference resistance capacity ensures a good stable operation.It is integrated with rechargeable Li battery.
USB interface or wireless data transfer available.

Large Color monitor
4 Display Modes
Built-in switch able alarms for SpO2 and pulse rate. Sound and Visual

Pulse oximeter perfusion index (PI)
Small in size Light weight of 80g batteries included
Pulse histogram and SpO2 wave display
USB interface ensures convey of SpO2 data (Bluetooth option)
Oximetry record with keyboard (can type patient name) and review it in the oximeter by List and Trend
Built-in memory stores up to 24 hours of downloadable data (USB cable included).
Adjustable brightness settings.
Easy to use with Touch button & high accuracy
Battery voltage indication: color graph
Synchronous display on the oximeter and computer
Advanced software for sleep study and monitoring
3.7V Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery (Charger: USB and AC charger)

* Meditech Oximeter Software (OxySoft ) is a fingertip oximeter data management device, delivering remote management of algorithum, vital sign and software update capabilities.
The meditech monitoring device allows patients, along with clinicians, to more easily monitor their vital signs.

Meditech oximeters(Some models) monitor the exchange of secure patient information transfer. Patients will be able to go about their daily activities and send data through the USB cable to the computer.
The developement of this product is vital to enhancing the tele-medicine market, which gives the benifit to collect data and promote noninvasive monitoring devices used in numerous medical settings around the world – including the hosptal medical clinics and EMS.

More details please click (OxySoft )

Display Type
TFT display

Measurement of SpO2
Measuring range: 0%~100%
When the SpO2 measuring range is 70%~100%the permission of absolute error is ±2%
Below 70% unspecified.

Measurement of pulse rate
Measuring range:30bpm~250bpm
Accuracy: ±2 bpm or ±2% (select larger)

Measurement of PI
Range: 0%~20%

SpO2 : 1% Pulse rate: 1bpm

Resistance to surrounding light:
The deviation between the value measured in the condition of
man-made light or indoor natural light and that of darkroom is less than ±1%.

Optical Sensor
Red light (wavelength is 660nm6.65mW)
Infrared (wavelength is 880nm 6.75mW)

Adjustable alarm range:
SpO2 : 0%~100%
Pulse Rate: 0bpm~254bpm

Power supply requirement:
3.6 V DC ~4.2V DC.

Size: 88(L) × 46(W) × 13(H) mm
Weight: 80 g (including built in rechargeable Battery)


SpO2 Cable (multi-site Y type) …….. 1Pcs
USB Cable …………………………………. 1Pcs
USB Charger ……………………………… 1Pcs
Cleaning Cloth …………………………… 1Pcs


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